BRAWNER: Jan Morgan “Makes Tom Cotton Look Like John Boozman.” 

Steve Brawner (left) John Boozman (right)

Mainstream Arkansas Website Fears Conservative Firebrand Jan Morgan

Local Chamber-funded outlet Magnolia Reporter offered their take on the recent Talk Business & Politics Hendrix College Poll released in which 20 year DC incumbent John Boozman’s approval rating registered at a basement-level 30%.

Boozman, Brawner tells us

“flies under the radar and doesn’t make waves, and it’s served him well.”


In other words, he’s running and hiding from controversy rather than taking the fight straight to the swamp in D.C.

And, presumably, Brawner notes,

“the formula will continue to work for Boozman.”



Branwer warns Boozman, saying

“times have changed since 2011. Today’s political climate doesn’t always reward mild-manneredness.”

A bigger concern for a mild-mannered back bencher like Boozman, Brawner warns, is “a primary opponent who is farther right and more pro-Trump.”
And Boozman has just such a prominent challenger: gun activist Jan Morgan.


How best to describe her?” Brawner asks.


 “She’s very outspoken, very conservative, and very pro-Trump.”




“She makes Tom Cotton look like John Boozman.”


In February, Boozman told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette regarding the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot, “If there’s evidence that the president committed a crime, then he needs to be charged and held accountable.”


As for his own opinion about Trump’s guilt or innocence, Boozman reportedly said, “That’s a question that the prosecutors, that the legal authorities have to decide. His actions were certainly not anything that I would have done and didn’t condone at the time.”

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