Leftists Mock Christ To Promote The Murder of Children

KNWA/KFTA is reporting the 67-foot tall Christ of the Ozarks statue has been marred by a group of abortion promoters known as “Indecline”.  The group is claiming responsibility for hanging a banner on the statue that reads “GOD BLESS ABORTIONS”.

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Jan Morgan issued a statement:

The violent communists who did this are responsible for at least 200 other incidents, from defacing property to calling for acts of violence against police and killing babies.  Since they can’t win legislatively in Arkansas, they throw tantrums and deface property —  a futile and criminal act of desperation.  The evil on display today reminds the state of Arkansas the radical left has no decency and can always go lower than we think possible.  Thankfully, Arkansas and America are pro-life and we can expect more of this evil as the pro-life movement continues to increase in popularity and save more innocent unborn lives.  It is not surprising leftist groups who mock God are pro-death.  The enemy of this world also mocks God and is also pro-death.  Let us remember Jesus Christ conquered death and continue to stand on the side of justice.  I will always stand and fight for the unborn and never back down.


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