Jan Morgan Announces Tour To Ban Communism

“An American Revival cannot begin until communism is dead.”

On Monday Jan Morgan announced the official launch of her campaign’s American Revival Tour to Ban Communism.  Morgan denounced the influence of Karl Marx, American corporations who do the government’s bidding, and Critical Race Theory.  See her full statement below.

“As it turns out, Joseph McCarthy was right all along. We’ve been sold out by traitors. Our government really has been infiltrated by communists at the highest levels”.  “We cannot view communism as an ideology deserving of equality guaranteed by our great Constitution. No, communism is an anti-American cult bent on destroying the United States. Its tenets are anti-Christian, anti-American and racist to their core. Just look at Critical Race Theory, whose origins lie in the Christ hating philosophy of Karl Marx, the Godfather of communism and an avowed Satanist.”

“Unbelievably, for the past 18 months massive corporations like Walmart and Amazon have been working hand-in-glove with government to shut down entire states and nations in order to gut the middle class, while simultaneously inciting race riots intended to further increase division and reduce morale”.

“It’s high time Americans go on offense against the open communist revolution taking place here on American soil. I will pick up Joseph McCarthy’s torch and finish the job he started. An American Revival cannot begin until communism is dead. Join me in the coming weeks and months for an American Revival Tour to Ban Communism.”


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