Morgan Slams Biden’s Afghanistan Failure – “It Was Part Of The Plan”

What’s happening in Afghanistan is a global embarrassment.  Republican for U.S. Senate Jan Morgan shared her thoughts about the disastrous  withdrawal on Facebook.

What’s happening in Afghanistan is not a “mistake “ by the Biden administration , IT WAS PART OF THE PLAN.. and China is thrilled at this gift from America.  (Remember, Joe, Hunter, and the CCP are big buds).  Now China gets an excuse to take control of Afghanistan while also turning the mess there in to ANTI-AMERICA PROPAGANDA.  The Biden administration with the help of our government controlled media will use the photos and video of desperate Afghans to appeal to the emotions of Americans to justify bringing them to the US at a time when our country is also being overrun by millions of illegals coming through our open border. 
The Department of Defense could be housing 30,000 Afghan refugees in locations like Fort McCoy in Wisconsin and Fort Bliss in Texas. ( those are just the numbers they admit to).  Allowing mass immigration of Afghans in to the US accomplishes two things: *Increase the government dependent democrat voter base *Increase the Taliban’s threat to Americans.  Yesterday security experts on national tv were already warning of an increased terrorism threat ahead of 9/11.  Just like the border crisis, weak DC RINOS will also go along because they do not understand or promote an immigration policy that’s good for American families. – Jan Morgan


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